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Bluebeam’s new cloud-based solutions, along with tools you know and love, will give you flexibility to work from anywhere. You’ll have more mobility, easier access and greater security as you work in the office and the field.

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Mark up and measure with Bluebeam Revu

Bluebeam’s foundational desktop solution Revu offers powerful, highly customisable document management, markup and automation tools with a built-in collaboration space, Studio.

  • Log in to any desktop with Revu installed and access your projects and tool sets
  • Mark up and measure together with teammates in real time using Studio
  • Share the latest drawings and documents with teams in the field using Bluebeam Cloud

Access work anywhere with Bluebeam Cloud

Bluebeam Cloud seamlessly connects with your documents and tool sets in Revu so you can complete workflows on the go.

  • Access your work from Revu and Studio on any web or iOS device in the field
  • Easily comment and collaborate on your project documents from Revu
  • Manage and track your site inspection, RFI and submittal workflows on the go

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